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It is free from weaving defects. It is widely used in clinics, hospitals and is ideal for wound dres..
Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.268
Based on 1 reviews.
Acrylic Trimmer for Trimming of Acrylic Dentures. ..
Rs.22 Ex Tax: Rs.20
Indian Adam Plier Special Quality. This is only an illustrated image. Original Product may vary. ..
Rs.175 Ex Tax: Rs.175
Indian Amalgam Carrier Brass  ..
Rs.65 Ex Tax: Rs.65
  Typodont teeths for students practicing.  Available for all typodont models. &n..
Rs.3,657 Ex Tax: Rs.2,857
Indian Sand Paper Mandrel ..
Rs.202 Ex Tax: Rs.180
Brand - Safe med Warranty - 1 year Size- 9/11 With 8/8 Drums Powder Coated with Timer. ..
Rs.5,760 Ex Tax: Rs.4,881
B.P. Blade Handle 4 No. used in dental surgeries. ..
Rs.16 Ex Tax: Rs.14
Ball Burnisher Double Ended Indian Quality ..
Rs.15 Ex Tax: Rs.15
A surgical instrument shaped like a scoop or spoon, used to remove tissue or growths from a body cav..
Rs.45 Ex Tax: Rs.45
100% Brand new and high Brass quality Non Perforated Trays Avaialble Size - L0,L1,L2,L3,L4,U0..
Rs.68 Rs.60 Ex Tax: Rs.60
100% Brand new and high Brass quality Perforated Trays Avaialble Size - L0,L1,L2,L3,L4,U0,U1,..
Rs.45 Ex Tax: Rs.45
Cheek Retractor for Dental use ..
Rs.45 Ex Tax: Rs.45
A dental instrument typically consisting of a rubber bulb with a long metal tube that is used t..
Rs.35 Ex Tax: Rs.35
Cotton Holder to Hold Cotton In Chair side ..
Rs.56 Ex Tax: Rs.50
Dental Cotton Rolls. Pack of 1000 Cotton Sticks ..
Rs.224 Ex Tax: Rs.200
  Description: The protective shields are made of first quality transparent anti-fog heav..
Rs.170 Ex Tax: Rs.144
  Hand Sanitizer with WHO Formula   DESCRIPTION: Parle Hand Sanitizer 5 litre ..
Rs.1,250 Rs.1,195 Ex Tax: Rs.1,067
Indian High Quality Dappen Dish used in Clinical and Laboratory ..
Rs.15 Ex Tax: Rs.13
Artery forceps are surgical instruments used to close ruptured blood vessel..
Rs.140 Ex Tax: Rs.140
Artery forceps are surgical instruments used to close ruptured blood vessel..
Rs.135 Ex Tax: Rs.135
Dental Bone File Indian Quality. This is an illustrated image. Original Product Vary as per to avail..
Rs.45 Ex Tax: Rs.45
Condenser Indian Quality.  A dental instrument used for compacting&..
Rs.15 Ex Tax: Rs.15
File Round File Half Round Indian Quality. ..
Rs.35 Ex Tax: Rs.35
File Round File Round Indian Quality. ..
Rs.35 Ex Tax: Rs.35
Half Round Plier for Orthodontic Use. Indian Made Half Round Plier with A1 Quality ..
Rs.170 Ex Tax: Rs.170
Dental Hammer of best Quality. This is an illustrated image, Original Product may vary ..
Rs.85 Ex Tax: Rs.85
Mortar and pestle The mortar is a bowl, typically made ceramic or glass. The pestle is a heavy club-..
Rs.34 Ex Tax: Rs.30