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Details Excellent shear bond strength provides exceptional bonding performance. Easy-to-use ..
Rs.3,055 Ex Tax: Rs.2,728
Based on 1 reviews.
  3M Alginate Impression Material - Mint flavor  Packaging - 500g ..
Rs.460 Ex Tax: Rs.390
Summary of Advantages: Delivers more fluoride to the tooth Prevents cavities Reduces root ..
Rs.896 Ex Tax: Rs.800
Based on 1 reviews.
  Clinpro XT Varnish is based on a liquid/paste glass ionomer technology. It is dispensed fr..
Rs.7,200 Ex Tax: Rs.6,429
Based on 1 reviews.
  Express™ XT VPS Impression Material represents another proven solution by 3M ESPE. B..
Rs.3,266 Rs.2,475 Ex Tax: Rs.2,097
Based on 1 reviews.
  Find the perfect solution to dental restoration requirements with the 3M™ ESPE &trad..
Rs.5,120 Ex Tax: Rs.4,571
Based on 1 reviews.
  A world leader in Impressioning materials, 3M ESPE now brings you Soft Putty, a value base..
Rs.4,425 Ex Tax: Rs.3,750
Based on 1 reviews.
  STD Putty Refill, 7312 With over 20 years of proven reliability, Express impression mat..
Rs.4,310 Rs.3,100 Ex Tax: Rs.2,627
With a rapid cure time, easy handling and fast placement, you can rely on Filtek P60 Posterior ..
Rs.1,980 Ex Tax: Rs.1,768
Based on 1 reviews.
Nano Hybrid Composite    3M ESPE Filtek Z250 XT Universal Restorative is the so..
Rs.1,380 Ex Tax: Rs.1,232
Based on 1 reviews.
3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Z250 universal restorative is an aesthetic, light-cured resto..
Rs.7,800 Ex Tax: Rs.6,964
Based on 1 reviews.
Some restorative techniques are simply easier and more effective with the “fluid” ha..
Rs.2,605 Rs.1,850 Ex Tax: Rs.1,652
Based on 1 reviews.
3M Ketac Cem Radiopaque Intro Kit Dental Luting Cement  Benefits: Glass ionomer luting..
Rs.2,464 Ex Tax: Rs.2,200
Based on 1 reviews.
New Advanced Technology. Ketac Molar Easymix filling material offers a new granulated powder form..
Rs.1,792 Ex Tax: Rs.1,600
Based on 1 reviews.
Dental ionomer material Application  Filling for cavity of type I, type II and type III&nbs..
Rs.3,528 Rs.3,203 Ex Tax: Rs.2,860
Nanotechnology makes our glass ionomer unique. The Clicker Dispenser makes it easier.  &nb..
Rs.10,690 Rs.7,600 Ex Tax: Rs.6,786
Based on 1 reviews.
  Details The first RMGI cement with a tack light cure option that shortens cleanup to..
Rs.5,400 Ex Tax: Rs.4,821
Based on 1 reviews.
  Details RelyX Temporary Cements Suggested Applications Cementing temporary restor..
Rs.2,255 Ex Tax: Rs.2,013
Based on 1 reviews.
Advantages: Bottle version  Contains 35% phosphoric acid. The syringe version is col..
Rs.952 Ex Tax: Rs.850
Based on 1 reviews.
  Features and Benefits:- Easy-to-use system allows you to create smooth proximal surf..
Rs.2,848 Ex Tax: Rs.2,543
Based on 1 reviews.
  Vitrebond™ is a light-cured, resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI) liner/base material..
Rs.4,704 Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Based on 1 reviews.
  Vitrebond Light Cure Glass Ionomer Line/Base Powder Refill Vitrebond™ Powder is o..
Rs.4,320 Rs.3,300 Ex Tax: Rs.2,946
Based on 1 reviews.
  Designed to ensure adhesion between the VPS impression material and the impression tray ..
Rs.1,360 Ex Tax: Rs.1,153
Based on 1 reviews.
Z100™ Restorative material is a visible light-activated, radiopaque, restorative composite. ..
Rs.939 Ex Tax: Rs.838
  Adper Easy One Self-Etch Adhesive is a simple one component, one coat, self-etch adhesive ..
Rs.2,985 Ex Tax: Rs.2,665
Based on 1 reviews.
  Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Primer Adper™ Scotchbond™ Multi-Purpose Prim..
Rs.2,856 Ex Tax: Rs.2,550
Based on 1 reviews.
  Clinpro Sealant Refill Syringe Clinpro™ Sealant offers smart color-change technol..
Rs.2,110 Rs.1,590 Ex Tax: Rs.1,420
  COMBI PACK APLICAP ACTIVATOR/APPLICATOR Easy activation and application of the Aplicap ..
Rs.14,280 Ex Tax: Rs.12,750
Based on 1 reviews.